P.E. teacher, Jake Cline, is passionate about showing his students physical activities that can be practiced outside of the classroom to keep a healthy heart and mind. After attending a conference last year, Cline learned about a new opportunity not usually practiced these days: rollerskating.
“I was just trying to think of something different,” said Cline. “Something that the students don’t get to do all of the time.”
WW RollerskatesCline reached out to an organization called SkateTime that “provides a comprehensive, curriculum-based skating unit designed to engage students of all ages.” They also provide skates for each student and all safety equipment including helmets, knee pads, shoulder pads and wrist guards.
After raising money for the project through fundraisers at the school, SkateTime delivered the “fitness on wheels.”
“A lot of kids don’t get to go skating, so it’s new and it’s fun and they can do it anywhere,” said Cline.
One unique opportunity for the students is the handmade skate supports that Cline made himself.
“Last year, we tried to use rolling chairs as supports for those students who needed them,” Cline said, “but they didn’t provide enough stability and became unsafe.”
Cline reached out to the Westwind PTA and was awarded a grant to purchase the materials to build safe skate supports for his students. Now, students who need assistance learning how to rollerskate have the appropriate size skate support that will help them roll to success.
“It’s been fun,” said Cline. “This is a strength-building, balancing and coordination piece of P.E., and it’s a fun way to learn those things. It’s teaching them a healthy lifestyle that they can continue with outside of school.”
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