Reaping the Benefits of a Different Kind of Sewing

Reaping the Benefits of a Different Kind of Sewing

Westwind Elementary Counselor Qualimetra Chapman began hand-sewing wigs to donate to cancer patients and survivors as well as those with alopecia, but little did she know it would strike up an unexpected friendship with a former Frenship student.

When Westwind Elementary Counselor Qualimetra Chapman began hand-sewing wigs for others, she knew she wanted to do more than just give women beautiful hair.

It was a close friend of hers, who passed away from breast cancer, that she wanted to honor by providing wigs for cancer patients and survivors, those with alopecia, and others in need for little to no cost through her business Sew Wigged Out.

“She was a very close friend of mine, and I wanted to help her get a piece of herself back by hand-sewing a wig for her,” Chapman said. “After she passed away, I wanted to continue providing wigs for women and that’s how Sew Wigged Out began.”

Through a company that provides real hair of all different textures, Chapman uses the money from customers that have purchased wigs out of want to make wigs for women out of need.

“It’s just a cycle,” Chapman said. “The money I get from clients goes back into my business to be able to provide wigs to women for free or little cost.”

An unexpected friendship
Haley Stallings, a Lubbock native and former Frenship student, was playing volleyball for Lubbock Christian High School in 2015 when she suffered from a mild concussion.

What shouldn’t have lasted long turned into a life-changing event when she couldn’t get cleared from her concussion.

“I was getting constant headaches that just wouldn’t go away,” Stallings said. “When I got my physical in August of 2016 for the next season, my doctor arranged for me to get a CAT scan.”

From a mild concussion, Stallings received some surprising news: an arachnoid cyst toward the front of her brain.

The cyst, which is a fluid-filled sac that grows down into the brain, cannot be drained or it will grow back.

Stallings said it was something she was more than likely born with, but it didn’t start growing until her concussion.

The only thing that could help make the headaches go away was surgery.

“We tried to find doctors that would conduct the surgery, but not a lot of doctors will do it,” Stallings said. “It was through a friend of a friend that actually had an arachnoid cyst as well that was able to get the surgery done from a well-known neurosurgeon in Houston that agreed to do the surgery for me too.”

With a lot of love and support from friends and family, Stallings went to Houston in 2017 for her surgery and came back home with success and a relief from the headaches, finally.

While back at home and still recovering, Stallings and her mom Brandi made a trip to the beauty supply store to get out of the house for a bit.

“For the surgery, part of my hair had to be shaved off, and I was telling the woman at the counter all about it,” Stallings said. “She said she had a friend of hers that made wigs and gave me her contact information if I wanted to get one.”

It was that moment Chapman came into Stallings’ life, to which Brandi said was a God send for her daughter.

“We reached out to Qualimetra and instantly became friends,” Stallings said.

Both having a knack for all things hair and beauty, Stallings and Chapman connected quickly and enjoyed each bonding over their mutual interests.

She reaps what she sews
When Chapman began making Stallings’ wig, it was the first blonde wig she had ever made.

She spent her time making sure the hair and color were just right for her new friend as she made it all by hand.

Once the wig was complete, Stallings was excited to wear her new hair style.

“I loved the wig Qualimetra made for me,” she said. “It’s because of her that I changed my career goals to cosmetology to help others like how she helped me.”

Although a high school student, Stallings already owns two businesses — selling custom T-shirts and hair products.

“This girl right here is amazing,” Chapman said. “Despite all that she has gone through, she perseveres and just keeps moving forward.”

Brandi said she is so thankful for Chapman coming into their lives as it wasn’t just a business transaction, but a friendship that goes beyond just a wig.

“Qualimetra is truly one of a kind,” Brandi said. “I don’t know what we would do without her.”

Just in the past year or so, Chapman has made and donated approximately 40 wigs.

“I am excited to see how this business continues to grow and how it has helped so many people,” she said. “There is nothing like seeing these women smile from ear to ear after they put their wig on for the first time; it just gives them back a part of their confidence after losing their hair.”

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