Oak Ridge “Treats” Their “Sweet” Teachers During Teacher Appreciation Week

DSC_0818To kick-off Teacher Appreciation Week Oak Ridge Elementary teamed up with Insurance Partners to deliver  some “Kurbside Sweets” to their hardworking educators.

Kurbside Sweets pulled right up to the front doors of Oak Ridge to treat their entire staff to Kurbside’s homemade ice cream sandwiches. The staff members were able to select their favorite cookie and ice cream filling for an extra special snack for the extra special work they provide to students on a daily basis.

The snacks would not have been made possible without the generosity shown by Insurance Partners and one of their agents Kirby Adams. Below is the letter that Kirby wrote to the staff of Oak Ridge Elementary:

DSC_0829Teachers are special people. They have a special way of helping you want more for yourself, showing you new ways to think and experience the world. They plant seeds within you that grow and are nurtured along the way. The most special and most important thing about the calling of a teacher is the privilege and responsibility they have to speak life into students and find and call-out greatness within every child.

Thank you for planting seeds and nurturing growth in young people. Thank you for calling out greatness in every child you teach. Thank you for having the integrity and willpower to continue to give your best everyday in a job that is so taxing and tiring. Thank you for preparing for the futures of our community’s children. Thank you for doing what you do and for being who you are. Your students, their families, and our community are richly blessed because of who you are and what you have made your life’s work.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week…please take heart in knowing that you are appreciated, valued and honored every week!”