Oak Ridge Kindergartners Learn About Community Helpers

Oak Ridge Elementary kindergartners are studying community helpers and have had a week full of fun activities teaching them about law enforcement, firefighters and more. They welcomed Lubbock Police Department officers and dogs, Congo and Yako, from their K-9 unit to their campus on Wednesday. They went to a Lubbock fire station today.

“We have been learning about community helpers and using our senses to investigate, so this integrated those two things and showed the students how what we have been learning applies to real life,” said Mrs. Sills, kindergarten teacher at Oak Ridge.

During the visit from the police officers, they talked to students about what the canine unit does and how the dogs help the officers do their jobs. Then they brought in a couple of the dogs to show the students what commands the dogs follow and how they use their senses to find things.

“This event was special for the kids because they had the opportunity to hear about how police dogs help keep them safe,” said Mrs. Ruvalcaba, kindergarten teacher at Oak Ridge.

“My favorite part of seeing the police dog was when he did tricks,” said Jamie Lauderdale, kindergarten student.

Below are a few photos from the community helper study!