Students at Oak Ridge Elementary laced up their shoes and lined up at the starting line to run as many laps as possible to help raise money for their school. The Fun Run, a fundraiser that provides a healthy opportunity for students to raise funds for their campus, took place in the Oak Ridge gym with all lights out and glow sticks lighting the way.
Oak Ridge Admin
To encourage the students to try their hardest, the principals at Oak Ridge decided to challenge their school to raise as much as possible and set a goal of $10,000. In return, the principals would dress up as characters from the movie “Toy Story.” On top of that, the grade that raised the most money would get to witness Principal Langen pucker up and kiss a pig.
After asking friends and family to pledge a dollar amount for every lap run, each student in pre-k through fifth-grade began the race. With encouragement from their peers, students ran lap after lap, high fiving their friends along the way.
When all was said and done, the total dollar amount was added up, and Oak Ridge Elementary showed their principals that when they are given a goal to accomplish, they surpass it. More than $10,000 was raised through the Fun Run and Principal Langen and Assistant Principal Roberson came dressed as Woody and Jessie from the Toy Story movie franchise.
OR Principal Kisses PigThe fun wasn’t over yet. Third-grade students raised the most money out of every grade and gathered outside to watch their Principal, or Woody, kiss Mr. John Ross, a black and white pig straight from the farm.
The students gasped in shock and giggled at their principal trying to lock lips with the pig. After a few attempts, Mr. Langen smooched the pig and rewarded the third graders for working hard and raising the most money for the school.
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