Motivational Speaker Gets Reese Education Center “Fired Up”

Best selling author Aric Bostick speaks message of encouragement and self-motivation to students.

“You can’t choose the hand you’re dealt in life, but you can choose how you play it.”

Aric Bostic looked students in the eyes while saying this, right after describing that his mother was a schizophrenic drug user and his father was an alcoholic. Bostick strode about the room, bursting with energy, as he told the story of his life and the person he chose to become.

Bostick challenged students with being a “hero on duty,” while integrating life skills lessons of personal introductions, teamwork, and personal goal setting without skipping a beat.

Bostick had the exact effect that Principal Casey Loafman hoped he would have. The energy that Bostick brought into the room was infectious. Students who loped into the room with their heads down were participating in discussion and interacting with their peers by the end of the presentation.

“We decided our theme for this year is going to be ‘fired up for my future’,” explained Loafman.

“Aric has a great message that motivates students. His messages proves that students can overcome the problems facing them just like Aric did,” he said.

Bostick was excited to be a part of motivating the students at Reese Education Center to be a ‘hero’.

“The ‘Hero on Duty’ message is based on the H.E.R.O. acronym- Honesty, Empathy, Responsibility, and Optimism. I really want to impart that hard work and a change in life choices can help you rise above your circumstances. These students can succeed and excel,” shared Bostick.

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