Legacy Students Celebrate a Wish Come True

Legacy Students Celebrate a Wish Come True

Students at Legacy Elementary celebrated with fellow student, Brody Sims, as he found out last week he is going on a Disney cruise.

Brody is a student at Legacy and was referred and then qualified for a wish through the Make-A-Wish Foundation of North Texas. Legacy students contributed to the cause by raising money throughout the year in various campaigns and made a donation in March. As a follow-up to their fundraising, Legacy gathered all the students to see firsthand how wishes do come true.

Staff and students – all wearing Mickey Mouse ears – assembled to watch Brody wheeled in a wagon to find out the great news. The wish was revealed when Mickey Mouse popped out of a life-size box and made an announcement about the trip. After the assembly, Brody and his family gathered in a classroom for snacks, drinks and more celebration.

When four-year-old Brody was given the opportunity to choose his wish, he repeated “Mickey boat.” So going on a Mickey boat is what he will do!

Check out photos from the special event below.