Westwind 5th Graders Are Learning Geometry From A Different Angle

DSC_0893Westwind 5th graders have been working on a Geometry project for the last two weeks in their math class, but this lesson added a new take on the typical math instruction. The students had to incorporates the Fine Arts into these unique presentations.

The students were divided into groups of three to four students. Each group selected a topic related to geometry and were instructed to create a song, story, poem, and/or skit, as well as a visual aid to coincide with their lesson. The groups then taught their fellow classmates about their topic through a presentation that was to last no longer than five minutes. Once each group concluded the lesson their classmates were instructed to fill out an encouraging evaluation about what they learned.

The students were very engaged from learning about Geometry from their classmates. There were meaningful takeaways from each presentation and the type of instruction that many will remember for years to come.