Innovative Educators Keep Learning Interesting Throughout The District

Frenship ISD is proving that learning doesn’t have to happen at a desk.

Teachers and students have quickly adapted to new routines with the arrival of the new school year. However, the creative educators at Frenship ISD have insured that routine does not slip into monotony.

Throughout the week, teachers across the district have been implementing hands on and nontraditional learning projects to ensure that students stay alert and engaged throughout the learning process.

At Crestview Elementary, students explored the mechanics of architecture with paper and books. Students were surprised to learn about the effects of weight distribution and thoroughly enjoyed discovering just how many books paper can hold.

While elementary students were learning about architecture, seventh grade scholars at Heritage Middle school were taking unique approach to poetry. Instead of simply writing a poem on paper, students had the opportunity to use library books to create unique poems.

Students at Frenship High School are changing the way they study communication. Students in Virginia Solomon’s Professional Communications class are conducting a social and communications experiment focused on responses to messages hidden throughout the school. Students who find the hidden messages can respond anonymously on paper or on twitter using #commex17.

Solomon explained that the students designed the project themselves.

“This project developed from an in-classroom discussion. It wasn’t originally a part of our lesson plans, but it’s always exciting to see kids develop their own ideas and find ways to implement and explore them.”

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