I Beat Pete Water Conservation Challenge

It was a challenge to see who could conserve the most water to help promote this weekend’s Water Expo in Wolfforth! Pete and his team came out to Tiger Stadium in Wolfforth to compete against five of Frenship’s DECA students representing the Wolfforth Water Expo Team. The task, to transport water from start to finish, in a timed relay. On one end, two 55 gallon barrels full of water. Teams had to hand-pump the water into an 18 gallon bucket full of holes, run through an obstacle course, and dump their remaining water into another 55 gallon barrel. So as not to get any ideas from each other, the teams competed individually as the other team was isolated.


It was a close and WET race but Pete’s team prevailed with a time of 6 minutes and 23 seconds over the DECA time of 7 minutes flat! Thank you to the KCBD Newschannel 11 I Beat Pete Team and also to our Frenship High School DECA. Don’t forget to join us at the Wolfforth Water Expo this Saturday, May 9 at Frenship High School from 10:30am to 4pm. Come learn how you can help conserve water for our future!



To check out the video coverage of the I Beat Pete Water Conservation Relay, check out http://www.kcbd.com/category/59652/i-beat-pete