From Honest Abe to Simone Biles: Students Create Bottle Dolls

From Honest Abe to Simone Biles: Students Create Bottle Dolls

While learning about biographies, third grade students at Upland Heights Elementary researched a variety of well-known people and created lookalike dolls out of two liter bottles.

Walking through the halls of Upland Heights Elementary, students are greeted by historical figures, athletes, singers and more as they sit and wave from the library window.

The people saying “hello” include Honest Abe, Simone Biles, Christopher Columbus, Ella Fitzgerald and even U.S. President Donald Trump, among many other well-known figures.

Dubbed as “bottle dolls,” these figures were created by third grade students while learning about biographies this semester.

“This is our second year doing the bottle dolls project and our kids love doing it,” said third grade teacher Michelle Molina. “They choose whoever they want to study, research their backgrounds and then create a doll that looks just like them.

“I encourage them to make their dolls as authentic as possible. If they choose to do Sacagewea, for example, then I tell them the clothing needs to very similar to what she would’ve worn during her lifetime.”

Molina said she loves to see who the students will choose each year.

From Michael Jackson and his silver glove to Albert Einstein and his crazy hair, the selections are endless and the students never fail to create uncanny models of the people they choose.

“What’s great about this project is that we get feedback from our parents, saying how much they enjoyed working on the project as a family,” Molina said. “I’ll hear that little brother or big sister helped, along with the parents, and it creates a fun project to do at home for our students.

“This also is one of their first big projects as a student, so it helps students get a feel for what projects in the future will look like. Our second graders get excited as they see the bottle dolls in the library windows, because they know they’ll get to do the project next year.”

As the Upland Heights third graders go beyond writing just a biography on their person of choice, the bottle dolls bring a fun element to research and writing while creating family-friendly fun outside of school hours.

The bottle dolls are currently on display in the library, so when visiting Upland Heights Elementary, be sure to take a look at the students’ bottle doll creations.

See some of the bottle dolls below: