Heavy Rainfall Hampering City of Wolfforth Trash Service Heavy Rainfall Hampering City of Wolfforth Trash Service

Press Release 10/24/2018  Wolfforth, TX

The City is fully aware of the general frustration regarding trash service in Wolfforth, Texas.  The extended period of wet weather has created issues that are beyond the City’s control. Please be aware that everyone concerned is making every practical effort possible to provide some measure of service.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018:  ALL local landfills are closed.  Please be aware that if the trash truck can get into an alley, it can only operate until it is full.  Because of the recent service interruptions, all dumpsters are overflowing, and the truck can load fewer dumpsters than the normal route.  Service, if even possible, is VERY limited.

Once landfills re-open, access is limited and controlled by the landfills.  As of the week of October 15-19, 2018, it is taking between one and three hours to dump at the landfill.  This extended dump time is further slowing service, because the trucks are only able to dump one or possibly two times per day.  You can help with this particular situation by holding boxes and bulky items until the weather improves, creating more space in dumpsters for common household waste.


As of October 23, 2018, the City has been serviced, with the exception of the following areas:

Preston Trails

Preston Park

South side of Longhorn

North side of 11th Street

Temporary dumpsters are placed on paved surfaces at these locations:

Longhorn and Steck

Hutcheson, between North 6th and North 7th

Hutcheson, between North 4th and North 5th

McMillen, between North 5th and North 6th

McMillen, Between North 7th and North 8th

McMillen, 400 block

North 2nd, between Berkshire and Hampshire

Hampshire, between North 2nd and North 3rd

Flint, between 11th  and 12th  

310 Main Street (City Barn)

Weather and landfill access permitting, Republic Services has indicated they will work through Saturday, October 27, 2018 to service as many cans as possible.

We apologize for the huge inconvenience.  Please be assured we are not ignoring the problems, but have somewhat limited options for any resolution.  

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