Frenship Students Shine at Regional Science Fair Frenship Students Shine at Regional Science Fair

Fourth grade Bennett Elementary student, Jacen Phillips, received 1st place and received a Certificate of Excellence award for his project.

Fourth and fifth grade students from Frenship ISD participated in the Regional Science Fair at the United Supermarkets Arena at Texas Tech University. These scientists competed against students from across the South Plains region and showed off their projects to parents, judges and many more.

Our students blew the judges away and brought in award after award. Check out the list of winners and pictures below.

Bennett Elementary:

  • Jacen Phillips, 4th – 1st place, Certificate of Excellence
  • Lyla Baugh Herndon, 5th – 1st place
  • Samantha Borrego, 4th – 2nd place

Crestview Elementary:

  • Vance Gault & Carson Hurley, 5th – 1st place
  • William Trotter, 5th – 1st place
  • Olivia Haberer, 4th – 1st place
  • Mollie Fellers, 4th – 1st place
  • Karsyn Laymon, 4th – 1st place
  • Kayt Ingram & Halley Reynolds, 5th – 2nd place
  • Kyleigh McKenzie, 5th – 2nd place
  • Spencer Mikel, 4th – 2nd place
  • Jordan Thomas, 4th – 3rd place

Legacy Elementary:

  • Audrey Fiack, 5th – 1st place
  • Madelynn VanHoose, 5th – 1st place
  • Gracie Salazar, 5th – 1st place
  • Emi Demke, 4th – 1st place
  • Keegan Martin, 5th – 2nd place
  • Keegan Durrett, 4th – 2nd place
  • Bentley Olibas-Yanez, 4th – 2nd place

Oak Ridge Elementary:

  • Zachary Lawrence, 5th – 1st place
  • Elijah Flores, 5th – 1st place
  • Carlos Chavez, 4th 1st place
  • Austin Perez & Ian Lacey, 4th – 1st place
  • Hannah & Hudson Stephens, 5th – 2nd place
  • Christian Bowman, 5th – 2nd place
  • Brody Rangel, 5th – 2nd place
  • Leighton Kacal & Mckinlee Hodnett, 4th – 2nd place
  • Cristabella Mendez, 4th – 2nd place
  • Reid Larson, 5th – 3rd place

North Ridge Elementary:

  • Jade Valverde, 5th – 1st place
  • Althea Doctolero, 5th – 2nd place
  • Emerson Stansell, 5th – 2nd place

Upland Heights Elementary:

  • Teagan Bennett, 5th – 1st place
  • Thomas Bayouth, 5th – 1st place
  • Brooklyn Castilleja, 5th – 1st place
  • Ashley Griffin, 5th – 1st place
  • Jacob and Jonathan Murray, 4th – 1st place
  • Rylee Mize, 5th – 2nd place, Caprock Home Health Certificate of Excellence
  • Lauren Griffin, 5th – 2nd place, SPRSEF Certificate of Excellence

Willow Bend Elementary:

  • Madisyn James, 5th – 1st place
  • Jack Pollard, 5th – 1st place
  • Cayden Arvizu, 5th – 1st place
  • Ambree Espinoza, 5th – 1st place
  • Arianna Gomez, 5th – 1st place
  • London Hensley, 5th – 2nd place

Great job, Tigers!

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