Frenship Middle School Students Excel UIL 2020 Academic Meet at Lubbock-Cooper

Art – 7th Grade:

-Brianna Hart (1st place- TVMS)

-Mikayla Roberts (2nd place- TVMS)

-Graciela Salazar (3rd place- TVMS)

-Olivia Acuna (5th place- TVMS)


Art – 8th Grade:

-Sanya Fuambu (1st place- HMS)

-Mya Perez (3rd place- HMS)


Calculator Applications – 6th Grade:

-Colt Ramsey (4th place- HMS)


Calculator Applications – 7th Grade:

-Asher Johnson (1st place- HMS)

-Majed Alhsni (4th place- HMS)

-Josiah Nguyen (8th place- TVMS)


Calculator Applications – 8th Grade:

-Brooklynn Medrano (1st place- HMS)

-Audrey Anguish (3rd place- HMS)

-Abigail Thomson (7th place- HMS)


Chess Puzzle – 6th Grade:

-Julina Cruce (2nd place- TVMS)

-Braxton Potts (3rd place- TVMS)

-Annabel Jones (8th place- HMS)


Chess Puzzle – 7th Grade:

-Luke Patterson (3rd place- HMS)

-Asher Johnson (4th place- HMS)

-Cooper King (5th place- TVMS)

-Armando Guerra (7th place- HMS)


Chess Puzzle – 8th Grade:

-Abigail Thomson (2nd place- HMS)

-Ethan Burda (4th place- TVMS)

-Ayden Jennings (6th place- HMS)

-Noah Quintero (7th place- TVMS)

-Jayden Butt (8th place- TVMS)


Dictionary Skills – 6th Grade:

-Katherine Bobadilla (1st place- HMS)

-Mercedes Guerra (2nd place- HMS)

-Karter Bowen (4th place- FMS)


Dictionary Skills – 7th Grade:

-Mia Alvarado (1st place- HMS)

-Ella Alderson (2nd place- HMS)

-Madisyn James (3rd place- HMS)

-Alyssa Hughes (4th place- HMS)


Dictionary Skills  – 8th Grade:

-Saif Bernstein (2nd place- HMS)

-Audrey Anguish (3rd place- HMS)

-Morgan Neal (5th place- HMS)

-Camoron Eichenberg (FMS)


Editorial Writing – 6th Grade:

-Tanner Derryberry (5th place- TVMS)

-Kaitlyn Hearron (6th place- FMS)


Editorial Writing – 7th Grade:

-Lauren Griffin (1st place- FMS)

-Ashley Griffin (2nd place- FMS)

-Althea Doctolero (3rd place – TVMS)

-Lucy Dyal (5th place- FMS)

-Ella Faneuff (6th place- TVMS)


Editorial Writing – 8th Grade:

-Angelina Guzman (1st place- TVMS)

-Kritika Guatam (2nd place- FMS)

-Peighton Justus (5th place- HMS)


Impromptu Speaking – 6th Grade:

-Alyssa Joiner (3rd place- HMS)

-Bella Garcia (4th place- TVMS)


Impromptu Speaking – 7th Grade:

-Hilary Dang (1st place- TVMS)

-Joel Alvarado (2nd place- TVMS)

-Solomon Vasquez (3rd place- HMS)


Impromptu Speaking – 8th Grade:

-Ryan Luong (3rd place – HMS)

-Hayden Fisher (6th place- TVMS)


Listening – 6th Grade:

-Aydan Johnson (5th place- HMS)


Listening – 7th Grade:

-Solomon Vasquez (5th place- HMS)


Listening – 8th Grade:

-Drasti Patel (1st place- HMS)

-Ryan Luong (2nd place- HMS)

-Anne Louis (2nd place- HMS)

-Kendan Burch (4th place- HMS)


Maps, Graphs and Charts – 6th Grade:

-Keegan Burrett (1st place- TVMS)

-Jayna Hiers (2nd place- TVMS)

-Kinzlee Tosi (5th place- TVMS)

-Kelsey Inamn (7th place- TVMS)


Maps, Graphs and Charts – 7th Grade:

-Ashley Griffin (1st place- FMS)

-Aidan McGee (3rd place- HMS)


Maps, Graphs and Charts – 8th Grade:

-Jack Corbin (1st place- FMS)

-Noah Jimenez (2nd place- HMS)

-Abigail Duncan (3rd place- HMS)

-Giancarlo Rivera (4th place- FMS)

-Camoron Eichenberg (5th place- FMS)


Mathematics – 6th Grade:

-Jagger Dennis (3rd place- HMS)

-Benjamin Teel (4th place- HMS)

-Aidan Camacho (6th place- HMS)

-McKinlee Hodneet (7th place- HMS)


Mathematics – 7th Grade:

-Caleb Abney (1st place- HMS)


Mathematics – 8th Grade:

-Danielle Duff (3rd place- FMS)

-Thomas Wylie (5th place- HMS)

-Ryan Luong (6th place- HMS)

-Saif Bernstein (8th place- HMS)


Modern Oratory – 8th Grade:

-Annela Camus (1st place- TVMS)


Number Sense – 6th Grade:

-Jagger Dennis (4th place – HMS)

-Jackson Sandoval (7th place- HMS)


Number Sense – 7th Grade:

-Caleb Abney (2nd place- HMS)

-Brenna Powers (6th place- FMS)

-Gage Pastusek (7th grade- FMS)

-Kira Posados (8th grade- TVMS)


Number Sense – 8th Grade:

-Brooklynn Medrano (1st place- HMS)

-Thomas Wylie (6th place- HMS)


Oral Reading – 6th Grade:

-Miriam Kone (5th place- TVMS)

-Alyssa Joiner (6th place- HMS)


Oral Reading – 7th Grade:

-Althea Doctolero (4th place- TVMS)

-Hilary Dang (5th place- TVMS)

-Keegan Martin (6th place- TVMS)

-Mateo Banda (8th place- HMS)


Oral Reading – 8th Grade:

-Addison Crockett (6th place- TVMS)

-Lindzy Hughes (7th place- HMS)


Ready Writing – 6th Grade:

-Joanna Chandler (1st place- FMS)

-Adian Wardlaw (2nd place- HMS)

-Rachel Tiongco (3rd place- TVMS)

-Dixie Ross (4th place- HMS)

-Gibson Harper (5th place- FMS)

-Aydan Johnson (6th place- HMS)

-Addison Morrow (7th place- FMS)


Ready Writing – 7th Grade:

-Gracie Speed (2nd place- FMS)

-Althea Doctolero (5th place- TVMS)

-Jasmine Vuang (6th place- FMS)

-Brianna Hart (8th place- TVMS)


Ready Writing – 8th Grade:

-Madison Sadler (1st place- FMS)

-Annela Camus (3rd place- TVMS)


Science – 7th Grade:

-Arbus Arroyo (2nd place- FMS)

-Matthew Ket (3rd place- FMS)

-Autery Brulee (4th place- FMS)

-Cash Graves (5th place- HMS)

-Luke Patterson (6th place- HMS)


Science – 8th Grade:

-Noah Jimenez (2nd place- HMS)

-Logan Monico (5th place- HMS)

-Sophia Guerrero (8th place- HMS)


Social Studies – 6th Grade:

-Benjamin Teel (3rd place- HMS)


Social Studies – 7th Grade:

-Jack Pollard (1st place- TVMS)

-Raniah Cisneros (4th place- FMS)

-Cash Graves (6th place- HMS)


Social Studies – 8th Grade:

-Jack Corbin (1st place- FMS)

-Addison Hutchison (8th place- HMS)


Spelling – 6th Grade:

-Rachael Tiongco (1st place- TVMS)

-Abigail Short (2nd place- TVMS)

-Rachel Torres (4th place- FMS)


Spelling – 7th Grade:

-Lily Alexander (2nd place- TVMS)

-Ally Hinojosa (3rd place- TVMS)


Spelling – 8th Grade:

-Kamryn Domingquez (8th place- FMS)