Frenship Middle School Organization Donates Time Frenship Middle School Organization Donates Time

Students in the Frenship Middle School Student Council took time on Friday to serve at the South Plains Food Bank by sorting food items and organizing bins for distribution.

“It’s amazing how we can help our community by serving those who go hungry,” said Lucas Marsh, eighth grade student and President of the FMS Student Council. “It’s a good feeling to help people who don’t have food otherwise.”

FMS Student Council reached the highest number of members it’s ever seen this year with 144 students. Last year was the preceding record number at 60 students.

“We think they just really want to help others,” said Marsh. “It’s so exciting to lead the effort and see how many kids want to join in.”

Members will have several opportunities throughout the year to give back by serving at the South Plains Food Bank, picking up trash in their community, putting recycle bins in their school and more.

“It means a lot to be able to lead a group of students who haven’t had this experience before,” said Brooklyn Turner, eighth grade student and Secretary, Treasurer and Activity Coordinator of the FMS Student Council.

Twenty-one seventh and eight grade students served today and there will be a sixth grade group go for a second visit later in September.

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