Frenship Middle School March Madness Frenship Middle School March Madness

By Briana Massey

Seventh grade students at Frenship Middle School brought the madness of March basketball into their classrooms and created their own tournament of books. Students voted in the top 32 books for the 7th grade class and read each book until only one winning title was left as the champion.

Students voted on book brackets and participated in a cross-class discussion about why the book they voted for was better than the other. Students had to have read both books in order to vote on the brackets.

Students had some pretty intense conversations about books, life lessons, and characters. The Lightning Thief versus Hatchet really got them fired up, but it finally came down to Orbiting Jupiter versus Refugee for the final round. It was a close vote, but Orbiting Jupiter ultimately took the crown.

“This tournament has inspired kids to pick up books they would have never picked up on their own,” 7th grade ELAR teacher Briana Massey said. “They also had genuine conversations, and debates, about these books that definitely sparked an interest across the entire grade level.”

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