Frenship ISD Hosts West Texas Innovation Summit

Educators from the Lubbock area and beyond gathered for a day of discovery, learning and inspiration.

On Friday, August 10 Frenship ISD hosted the 4th annual West Texas Innovation Summit. The summit affords teachers the opportunity to share successful educational methods with peers throughout the region.

Frenship High School teacher Michelle Stuart led a breakout session entitled “Better Relationships, Better Discipline.”

“Its always a little nerve-racking to present to your peers becasue they’re already outstanding professionals,” said Stuart. “I really like that teachers get to share all of their great ideas, and there’s something at Innovation Summit for everyone.”

Frenship educators Tara Tomlinson and Aaron Tomlinson were proof that the breakout sessions cater to a wide variety of educational tastes.

“I really enjoy learning technology strategies that can be implemented in the classroom from someone who has already worked out the kinks,” reported Tara.

On the other hand, Aaron preferred the motivational aspect of the summit. “I really liked the sessions about building relationships and choosing kindness. They make me excited for the upcoming school year,” said Aaron.

Based on the standing ovation at the end of the West Texas Innovation Summit, everyone was inspired by keynote speaker Dr. Rick Rigsby.

Dr. Rigsby, who is an author and CEO and former football coach, chaplain and professor, charged the teachers in the audience to make an impact during the 2018-2019 school year.

“You are called to impact lives,” said Dr. Rigsby. “If you want to make an impact on the next generation, serve them.”