Frenship ISD Gifted and Talented Students Develop Creative Continents

Students integrated geography, vocabulary, technology, art, and more in the topographic project.

Across the district, elementary Gifted and Talented students have participated in an in-depth study of explorers. As a culmination to the unit, students were challenged to create their own themed continent out of salt dough.

Students in Michelle Watts’s class were excited to show off their projects, each of which contained 12 unique ladforms.

Ethan Burda gave a short presentation of his “body” themed landforms, which included the Brain Plain, Pancreas Penninsula, Saliva Sea, and more.

“I chose this theme because I really want to be a surgeon,” explained Burda.

“I really liked sculpting the form of my continent and making the mountains. I feel like I understand things better when I can use my hands,” continued Burda.

Upon completing the multi-faceted project, students in Watts’s class uploaded their presentations to Seesaw, an app that is a classroom-level equivalent to Facebook.

“These kids work so hard!” said Watt.

“Their passion and creativity never cease to amaze me,” concluded Watts.

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