Frenship ISD Continues To Emphasize College Readiness

Throughout the district, students are being exposed to options for post-secondary education.

Tigers aren’t the only mascot adorning the halls of Frenship ISD schools this year. A walk through any of the district’s thirteen campuses yields red raiders, bears, horned frogs, and other college mascots.
The increase in mascots is not due to a change of allegiance from Frenship’s very own Tiger. Instead, the collegiate décor is a reflection of the district’s increased emphasis on college and career readiness.

The importance of college readiness is evident at every grade level. Frenship elementary schools have hosted college shirt days and integrated collegiate accents into their school and classroom décor. Upland Heights Elementary recently hosted a visit from the Masked Rider and Raider Red during a pep rally to end College Week.

Collegiate influence is even more prominent at the secondary level. Middle schools integrate college and career readiness days in addition to college-themed spirit days. At Frenship High School, students have the opportunity to gain college credit before crossing the graduation stage through AP classes and dual enrollment.

“We do everything we can to make sure our students are college ready,” said Julie Pratt, the Advanced Academics and Counseling Coordinator.

“We find that even our elementary students have an awareness as to what college is and what it means for their future. Our goal is to give them the right amount of exposure for their grade level.”

The ultimate goal of the increase in college activities on campus is to help students better understand the options that are available for their future.

“It’s important for students to know what’s out there. This all about setting our students up for every possible success,” said Pratt.