Frenship High School Unveils Updated Automotive Technology Program

The Automotive Technology program at FHS is benefitting from a major overhaul.

“New” appears to be the ongoing theme this year at Frenship High School’s Auto Tech program. The program currently boats a new teacher, new TEKS standards, and new equipment.

Auto Tech teacher Dana Vinson is new to teaching at Frenship High School, but he is no stranger to the automotive industry. Vinson brings twenty three years of experience in the automotive repair industry into the classroom. Fifteen of these twenty three years were dedicated to training technicians for Peterbilt and Ford.

“I’m excited to be teaching high school students. They’re so eager to learn and get their hands dirty,” said Vinson.

“I like that we’re teaching from a clean slate. Unlike with teaching adults, I don’t have to undo years of bad habits,” Vinson explained with a smirk.

Vinson also described that the new TEKS standards, which are now more open ended, allowed him to restructure the Auto Tech program. The new curriculum will take a holistic approach to the auto tech industry.

“Students are going to experience the whole picture when it comes to auto repair. In addition to repairing vehicles, they’re going to work on customer service, invoicing, and shop management.”

In addition to the updated curriculum, the auto tech shop has also received updated equipment. The new diagnostic technology will offer the opportunity for students to work in a system that consolidates diagnostics and billing.

“We’re one of only three professional or educational facilities with a Hunter Hawkeye Alignment System in Lubbock. Students aren’t just working within the industry standard: they’re working above it,” boasted Vinson.

Pheonix Jones, a senior Auto Tech student, is looking forward to all of the changes within the program.

“I feel like I learn the most in this class. Every time I walk into the shop, I learn something practical. It’s by far on of my favorites, although it is pretty loud,” Jones laughed as the sound of a drill drowned out his voice.

Employees at Frenship ISD can receive discounted oil changes and repairs through the Auto Tech program. To schedule an appointment, email or stop by the auto tech shop at Frenship High school.