Frenship High School Prepares Students for Reality

On Tuesday, March 27 students at Frenship High School had the opportunity to participate in a “Reality Fair” hosted by the CTE department and Alliance Federal Credit Union.

Upon entering the fair, students were given a folder that represented their “real life”. The folder contained an occupation, annual income, tax information, and spaces to fill out the cost of their daily necessities.

Students were required to visit booths around the room that represented various areas of their budget such as rent, student loan debt, pets, vehicles, and more. Each student had to choose at least one package from each area. If there was no room in their budget, the student would have to take on a part time job.

Students were also requires to spin a “Wheel of Reality” that included surprise bills such as car repairs.

FHS senior Justin Cone was surprised by his experience at the Reality Fair.

“Life is a lot more expensive than I thought it would be!” said Cone.

“I’m glad I’m getting some experience in figuring it out now instead of when I’m on my own,” he said.

Volunteers from Alliance Federal Credit Union were on hand to help guide students through their financial obstacles.

Alliance Marketing Manager Melanie Segura was excited to help bring the Reality Fair to Frenship ISD.

“This is the first time this program has been used in Texas, and Frenship is a such a great place to start. We’re here to support our community and lending a hand to youth is one of the most important parts of that,” said Segura.