Frenship Entrepreneurship Class Tours Unique Wolfforth Business

Frenship High School students had the opportunity to take an inside look at local BBQ startup Evie Mae’s on Wednesday.

With the intention of creating a presentation about the local start-up, each student had the opportunity to ask owners Arnis and Mallory Robbins about their business experience.
The owners talked about building their business from the ground up, having started in a small food truck.

“When you’re not starting with much, it’s really important to be both resourceful and economical,” explained owner Arnis Robbins.

“But when my employees get a little high strung, I always tell them ‘calm down, it’s just BBQ!’” said Robbins with a smile.

Students were especially appreciative for the personal tour of the restaurant and the thorough explanations of the Robbins’ business practices.

“Meeting with entrepreneurs, asking questions, and seeing the workings of successful new and established local businesses is an incredibly important part of the learning process. This gives students the perspective they need as they continue to understand the role of the entrepreneur and the work involved in building a successful business,” explained FISD Entrepreneurship and Innovation Director Keith Patrick.

“Instead of just working through a business plan with pen and paper, we get to see it in person which really gives us important insight,” said entrepreneurship student Chris Ramirez