Frenship Art Students Receive American Vision Award

The art of three students will have the opportunity to receive a national prize.

Talent is in no shortage at Frenship High School.

Wayland Baptist University recently held the Regional Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Of the 2000 pieces of submitted artwork, five pieces are given the American Vision Award for being named the top pieces in the show. Three of these prestigious awards were granted to Frenship High School students.

FHS senior Jasper Abalos won with a scratchboard drawing entitled “Hollywood”.

“I chose to submit this piece because it’s definitely my best scratchboard, but it also feels culturally relevant because of the feminist movement in Hollywood,” said Abalos of his piece.

“I was so surprised to get the award, but it feels great. Especially because this is my last chance as a senior,” said Abalos.

Abalos isn’t the only student whose artwork contains a strong message.

FHS junior Heidi Scholz submitted a ceramic sculpture entitled “Sitting in the Future”.

“This piece is actually representative of a structure. With the way the world is going now, this is shows what things could look like if we keep moving in the same direction,” explained Scholz.

“When I was told I received the award I was jumping up and down in my head, but there were people around so I didn’t want to look too over excited!” laughed Scholz.

The final piece, a self-portrait by FHS junior Jasmine Luna, took a more introspective approach.

“I’ve never done a self-portrait before, and when I was really proud. Receiving this award is just a huge blessing to be honest,” said Luna.

Art Teacher Joey MacLean is thrilled with the success of these students.

“Each students has a different teacher, and we’re all so proud. Seeing students succeed is definitely the best part of the job,” said Maclean.

Out of the 5 outstanding pieces, on will receive a national award and have their work displayed in New York City. The winner will be announced in April.

All three pieces by FHS students are currently on display at the Abraham Art Gallery at Wayland Baptist University.

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