FMS Students Have Once in a Lifetime Experience with Holocaust Survivor FMS Students Have Once in a Lifetime Experience with Holocaust Survivor

Frenship Middle School 7th grade students traveled back in time to hear a first-hand account of the Holocaust. David Tuck, who was just 10 years old when Germany invaded Poland and survived the Holocaust, relived the most trying times of his life to help the students better understand that era of history.

Students were moved emotionally during the Skype session and came out of the experience with a different view of the time period. He showed them the tattooed number on his arm, talked about the struggles of starvation and how he kept hope during the most difficult time of his life. Moments of his story made the students laugh while other moments were spent giving advice on anti-hate and anti-bullying.

Briana Massey, 7th grade ELAR teacher, said that the Holocaust is more than a history lesson, it’s a lesson on the consequences of hate.

“My goal was to make this time period become real to my students,” Massey said. “I wanted them to see and hear about the events from a person that actually experienced the hatred, loss, and pain instead of only reading about it in a text. It is our responsibility to remember these events, share the stories, and prevent this from occurring again.”

Massey said the students were truly inspired by Mr. Tuck and she is so grateful for the opportunity.

“It was an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience for my students,” Massey said, “one they will never forget.




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