FISD Seventh Graders Recognized for SAT, ACT Scores

Frenship Middle School

Congratulations to 17 Frenship ISD seventh grade students representing all three middle school campuses who received state recognition in the 2016 Duke Talent Identification Program. This recognition highlights the students’ performance on the practice SAT and ACT exams – a performance that grades higher than the scores of college-bound seniors who took the same exams earlier this year.

Students who qualify for state recognition had to score at or above the 50th percentile of recent high school graduates and must meet at least one of the following criteria:

Terra Vista Middle School

ACT: English ≥ 22, Math ≥ 22, Reading ≥ 23, Science ≥ 22

SAT: Evidence-based Reading and Writing ≥ 550 and Math ≥ 540

Below are the FISD students who received state recognition in the Duke Talent Identification Program in 2018:

Frenship Middle School: Taylor Baker, Wilson Cardenas, Hayden Cashman, Howard Corbin, Jerome Madison, Sofia Khan

Heritage Middle School

Heritage Middle School: Audrey Allen, Ahmad Al-Rahawan, Blair Collier, Levent Istifli, Lily Sparks

Terra Vista Middle School: Morgan Altman, Alexys Bigelow, Kaden Boatright, Willis Giles, Tracy Harrel, Tayson Ure