FHS Students Get Creative in Advanced Animal Science

Students were challenged to craft representations of animal digestive systems to share with the class.

Students in Lisa Skinner’s Advanced Animal Science class took a hands-hands on approach to learning about the digestive system.

When asked about the project, Skinner reported that the students had to track down the information necessary for their projects as well as devise a way to present their findings to the group.

“It’s important for them to know how to go out and find information. This project also really allowed students to get creative,” explained Skinner.

Students enjoyed the opportunity to stray away from the traditional pen-and-paper style of learning.

Riley Gray’s group created a digestive system out of balloons to present to their peers.

“Pulling this project together was so fun. We started out with nothing, and ended up with a whole digestive system,” she explained as she indicated toward the balloons.

See the pictures below for more of the impressive projects!