FHS NGC Hosts Sweet Fundraiser

Students at the Ninth Grade Center made a donation to attend a unique event.

Students at the Frenship High School Ninth Grade Center spent a week nominating teachers for a special program on Friday, February 9.

While most teacher nominations end in some sort or award, these particular teachers received a different type of prize.

Students throughout the school payed $2 each to attend the special assembly. As they filed into their seats, five chairs were placed on a plastic tarp. The top 5 nominated teachers took their seats and each received…

A pie strait to the face.

The pie-ing event was held as a fundraiser for Miracle Pennies in support of Children’s Miracle Network.

As Principal Heath Simpson took the microphone to dismiss the students, a sixth secret pie was revealed behind his back.

Simpson was surprised to receive a face full of whipped cream.

Laughing and wiping the dessert from his face, Simpson addressed the student body:

“I can’t tell you enough how proud I am of all of you. I am appreciative of your servant hearts, and your willingness to give to others through this fundraiser.”