FHS English III Students Make The Crucible #MODERN

In a study on The Crucible, a play about the Salem Witch Trials, Frenship HS English III teachers and students took a modern-day spin on a classic by creating Twitter accounts for each of the play’s 1600s major characters. The tweets are displayed on large posters in the W hallway at the high school.

English III teachers Kinsey Baker, Skylar Fox, Sarah Ketchem, Amanda Kirkpatrick and Randi Trew came up with the idea of the Twitter handles and got the conversation going.

The teachers said the students have responded very well and have done more than what’s required. “They have been really creative with their tweets and definitely have used inferencing and higher level thinking to try and get inside the heads of the characters,” said Kirkpatrick. “There are some students who have been very opinionated about the culture and environment in which the Salem Witch Trials occurred and have been able to voice those thoughts through specific character’s tweets.”

The project has allowed the classes to interpret and respond to different characters and aspects of the play, which in turn allows for a more in-depth study.

Also related, the FHS Theater Department is performing The Crucible in their One Act Play competitions. They are going to do a special performance for all the English III classes before school on April 9.

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