FHS Emergency Medicine Students Adopt Mutually Beneficial Opportunity

The high schoolers have taken a unique approach to incorporating volunteerism into their curriculum.

Every other Friday, students in Frenship High School’s emergency medicine class head to PE during their class time.

The classroom change is not the result of a scheduling snafu.

Instead, the emergency medicine students participate in PE classes with students in the life skills classes.

The blended class gives life skills students the opportunity to mingle with the general student population, while the emergency medicine students gain an understanding of working with unique individuals.

“The emergency medicine students aren’t providing any sort of hands on or medical care in this part of the program,” explained their teacher Lori Powell.

“However, they are gaining real medical skill. This relationship gives the emergency medical students the opportunity to communicate with a class full of students with different needs, interests, and physical presence. These are skills they will need in the future when providing patient care to the diverse population that exists in the world.”

Powell emphasized that the attainment of new skills isn’t the only aspect of the blended classes.

“The life skills students seem to genuinely enjoy seeing the emergency medicine students, and being a part of this relationship is definitely a highlight of the emergency medicine class!’