FE (Iron) Tigers Prepare for Upcoming Robotics Competitions

Saturday, January 6th marked the beginning of Frenship High School’s robotics season.

During the spring, 30 FHS students will dedicate over 200 hours each in the design, creation, promotion, and operation of a robot for the 2018 Boosting Engineering Science and Technology (BEST) Robotics competition.

“There’s so much that goes into preparing for this time of year,” said Engineering teacher James Holloway.

Preparation include planning, organization, and fundraising. Frenship Engineering has taken a unique approach to funding their robotics program this year.

“Our students on the business team take their role very seriously. They recently presented to a local business. The students agreed to  print custom cookie cutters on the 3D printer in exchange for a small sponsorship,” explained Holloway.

Cookie cutters aren’t the only thing the 3D printers are whipping up for Frenship Engineering.

This year, the 3D printers are being used to print models of the robots as well as function pieces of the design.

“This gear was printed in house, and it fit perfectly,” said Holloway as he gestured toward a bright orange plastic piece in the framework of their robot.

“It actually ended up saving us time and money.”

Time is extremely precious to students in Frenship Engineering. From the beginning of their kickoff, the team only has six weeks to finish their robot. Students use every chance they get to work on their robot.

“We’re here 6 days a week- I have to make the kids take Friday off, if not, I know they would wont to be here Fridays too,” said Holloway with a proud grin