EDR Project Making Progress

The City of Wolfforth’s Electro Dialysis Removal (EDR) project has seen great progress over the last month. The Concrete Masonry Unit walls have been erected by D&L Masonry under the direction of General Contractor Brown-McKee and installation and construction of the internal components are being completed. General Electric was on site last week to ensure all inventory was accounted for. The Wolfforth PD’s mobile command unit was set up to provide an on-site meeting area for GE along with City officials. More structural work will be completed in the upcoming weeks as the City moves forward with its plan to lower arsenic levels in its water.

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The Environmental Protection Agency notified the City in 2011 of the issue with arsenic levels instructing officials to fix the issue or face fines. Although arsenic levels have not worsened in the City’s water, new EPA guidelines have lowered the threshold of what is acceptable. In order to get approval by the EPA to use an EDR system, the City underwent a three-phase pilot program early last year to determine the effectiveness of the EDR technology for not only lowering arsenic, but also lowering fluoride in the City’s drinking water supply. An EDR system was chosen because of its efficient use of water resources, low pretreatment requirements and costs.