Frenship students from Frenship Middle School, Terra Vista Middle School, the Ninth Grade Center, and Frenship High School traveled to Lubbock-Cooper last week for the Region 17 Adaptive Field Day.

Adaptive PE teachers from across Region 17 collaborate to plan this event to ensure that all students in attendance could participate and socialize with their peers.

Students stayed in their cohorts and rotated through more than 20 different stations and games that included events like bowling, tennis ball launch, volleyball, soccer, bean bag toss, and more.

Adaptive field days such as this are important because it is a fun way to get kids active through fun filled games and activities. It’s important for students to be active and attend events that help them set aside about everyday worries and have fun.

Frenship High School Adaptive PE teacher Aaron Tomlinson said this event, especially this year, is the highlight of the year for many of these kids.

“I think it is super important for these kids to be around their peers socially,” Tomlinson said. He spoke about how this event helps them with skills they have learned but is also a great way for the kids to just be kids. “We’ve got the music going and they are out here laughing and dancing. This is just good for them socially and physically.”

Tomlinson went on to say that events like this that include the Adaptive PE communities from multiple school districts are something so special.

“Just to see them come out here with laughter and joy on their faces, it is just special,” Tomlinson. “This is the day that all of the kids look forward to. This is what we work for.”