Crestview Elementary Hosts Distinguished Guest

Lubbock, TX is separated from Kigali, Rwanda by 8,262 miles. Despite the distance, the two cities are connected by two very special individuals with a passion for education.

Last summer, Crestview first grade teacher Saunrda Wimberly traveled across the globe to teach English in Rwanda for 2.5 weeks. Upon her arrival, she was ushered through the trip by Justin Rudasingwa. Rudasingwa introduced Wimberly to the school system in Rwanda, helped her discover points of interest and acted as a guide throughout the trip.

Now, months later, Wimberly had the opportunity to return the favor.

Rudasingwa traveled the 8,262 across the ocean to experience the American culture in West Texas. As part of his trip, the roles were reversed as Wimberly guided Justin down the halls of Crestview Elementary.

Rudasingwa was amazed at the small class sizes, available resources, number of books and the incredible technology that is available for Crestview students.

The weather was also a shock for Rudasingwa.

“In Rwanda, we don’t have snow or wind,” he explained. “We have a wet season and a dry season, and the temperature does not drop below 65. The weather has done all of those things since my arrival!” said Rudasingwa after experiencing the recent snow storm.

“One thing is the same though,” said Rudasingwa with a smile. “Both here and in Africa, students are excited to learn and happy to be in school.”