Crestview Elementary Creates ‘A Wave of Change’

Elementary students are using theme days, penny wars, and Val-o-grams to raise money for a school in need.

Like many schools in south Texas, H.G. Olson Elementary School in Port Arnasas was severely impacted by Hurricane Harvey in late August of 2017.

In the wake of the devastation, classes were forced to move into portables through December while the flooring, walls, and more of the main building were replaced.

On January 2nd, just days after moving back into the main building, Olsen Elementary received a care package with $1,600 worth of gift cards and letters of encouragement from the students and staff of Crestview Elementary.

In an e-mail to Crestview Elementary, Principal Gina McKeever of H.G. Olson Elementary wrote:

“Our last day with students was Thursday December 21st and movers were moving us out of the PortAbles from December 21st at 3:30 to December 29. So when I got back on Januaray 2nd, and opened your envelope I was about in tears. I immediately left the mail room to deliver the cards to each of the staff members who were up here at school gettting their room ready for the return of our students. (Only fellow elementary teachers understand the extra unpaid hours we put into “readying our rooms”, even over the holiday break.)

Please know there were some extremely happy teachers squealing with delight when they learned they had Walmart gift cards to use…fish tank, new shoe box tubs, new curtain fabric, large tubs for storage, rug for a reading corner…and on and on.

Thank you so much for making our road to recovery a little smoother.”

Every dollar of these funds were raised by members of the Crestview Elementary community.
However, the students and staff off Crestview do not want to stop there.

“We love that we got to send Olsen Elementary those gift cards, but we feel like we can do more,” explained Crestview Principal Stacy Davis.

In order to continue raising funds for Olson Elementary, students will have to option to participate in upcoming dress up days, send Val-o-grams, and take part in Penny Wars in an initiative known all together as ‘A Wave of Change’.

“The students love Penny wars!” said Crestview Student Council Coordinator Rhonda Settle.

“They’re excited to participate this year. Many of our students have been to Part Aransas, and it’s a great experience to be able to support a school that hits so close to home,” said Settle.

The continued fundraising project will take place January 29-February 2.