Buying Local…Advantage You!

The Wolfforth Farm Fresh Market provides the customer more than just fresh food from local providers. It also provides understanding of the growth practices, varieties and a face to face with the people  that grow or process your food.

With vendors like Tule Creek Nubian Diary, Juicy Lucy’s Veggies and Holy Cow Beef, the customer not only sees the food they buy from right here in West Texas, but also can ask deeper questions like when goats are milked, if chemical is used on garlic or if the cows are pasture raised or grain fed. Besides the difference in the way things taste, there also comes peace of mind in knowing you paid for something local that supports real families and can be sourced in your virtual backyard, as opposed to places around the country or even outside of it.


Come on out to the Wolfforth Farm Fresh Market, Tuesdays at 4pm, and get your eggs,  meat, dairy, cheese, veggies, herbs and fruit straight from the source. While you are at it, pick up some of the home-baked goods like breads, confections, jams, jellies and more. The certified vendors of the West Texas Growers and Producers Association are ready to answer any questions and make new friends!

The Wolfforth Farm Fresh Market is located at the corner of FM 179 (Dowden Road) and Main Street and is open on Tuesdays 4pm to 7pm.

Article provided by the West Texas Growers and Producers Association.