Bennett Elementary Collects, Donates Socks for Frenship Community

The elementary campus worked through the month of October to collect both adult and children’s socks.

The month of October wasn’t just for trick or treating and dressing up for Bennett Elementary students.

Dubbed “Socktober,” all of the elementary students collected socks all month long to donate to the FHS Caring Closet, the Bennett Care and Share Closet and the Tiger Tree with the cold weather drawing near.

To motivate students, each class competed against each other to see who could collect the most socks. The class from each grade level who collected the most gets prize.

The classes who won include:

  • Kinder: Mrs. Dowgar’s with 78 pairs
  • First Grade: Mrs. Dulin’s with 83 pairs
  • Second Grade: Mrs. Maddox’s with 79 pairs
  • Third Grade: Mrs. Sowder’s with 74 pairs
  • Fourth Grade: Mrs. Drury’s with 85 pairs
  • Fifth Grade: Mrs. Cooley with 139 pairs

Last week, Bennett Elementary students presented the socks to Craig Thomson, an FHS counselor, and Lauren Shephard, Frenship’s Caring Closet founder.

“Wow!” Shephard said. “I can’t believe how many socks there are. We are so thankful for these students to collect all of these socks and then donate them to the Caring Closet.”

The adult socks were donated to the Caring Closet, while the children’s socks were donated to the Bennett Care and Share Closet and the Tiger Tree.